Bash Error When Installing Hestia Via SSH


I have ran these two commands in my SSH console successfully,

  1. sudo su -
  2. wget

But when I tried to install the hcp and other stacks using the following command,

bash --interactive no --email [email protected] --password exampledemopassword --hostname -f

I got this error

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'

I have ran this commands sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade to run update and upgrade but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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What do you see when you open

does this error appear directly when executing that command and do you set a real password there?

don’t use ) in your password or at least escape it then :wink:

if that’s not it please be more descriptive as in the step the error appears or some more output/context around it.

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Thank you @falzo !

I removed " ( " and " ) " from my password mix and I’m able to proceed and install successfully :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Thank you @eris , I’ve resolved the issue now.

‘password()’ should work fine.

Bash is a pain when you enter an command and use special chars as they are interpreted first by bash…

@eris Oh okay, thank you. I’m still learning though. It’s actually my first time of knowing about anything called Bash. I’m looking up tutorials on YT right now about learning Linux OS, hope that’s a good step. Will that teach me all I need to know?

to be fair, I am afraid our errors always teach us best :sweat_smile:

that’s why I’d always suggest to first look into how to make backups and be able to restore from those.

everyone has to start somewhere, and being willing lo learn is the right first step. and in my opinion it doesn’t matter much if you read blogs/howtos, watch YT or look through stackoverflow… every piece might help, it’s probably only difficult to filter what’s good and helpful or not.

however expect to fail with things and try to prepare for that.

HestiaCP can help you with a lot of tasks around hosting your own website and mail, but it actually is build for people with some basic knowledge and understanding… just saying, please don’t be offended, if our answers sometimes are short or not pointing out basic linux stuff in detail :wink:

glad you got your issue solved easily!

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