Best way to Install in small server

I am new in Hestiacp, looks very good!
I need to have about 400-500 alias domain name redirect to point to a website at the same time
Only have small html page in primary domain. Then all other domains redirect via alias.
For this moment no need more.
Stay working with small server: oraclecloud free tier: 1GB RAM only.

Three small question about.

1- For this moment no need any database or e-mail server. If I install hestiacp by default and then stop the service no need to working via panel is the same if I install custom hestiacp without the service no need: Example: Database or e-mail server… ??

2- About SWAP file to have more “extra” Ram. ¿it´s requiered in my case?

3- Debian or Ubuntu. So that it goes as smoothly as possible which one do you recommend?

Many thanks


i recommend ubuntu because of 5 years support. 1gb ram is really very little.

to deselect services not needed during installation, the generator will help you:


–clamav no
–spamassassin no

Is an must everything else is up to you

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Thanks Eris.

You said me only deselect clamav and spamassassin but this other:(remember only need to work with one static page)

Not go to work with any database > MariaDB ??
Not working with any email server > Exim Mail Server ??

If you dont need it, remove. I would suggest to leave fail2ban in action, maybe aswell exim to get notifications - or install another smtp proxy to send them out.


A few weeks ago I installed a second vps in which I only left the webserver and the firewall.

Check that no notifications or welcome emails were sent.

Do you only need to install exim for the notifications to work?

Is it possible to change the email address of the welcome mails so that instead of being [email protected] it is [email protected] or add an external stmp for notifications / welcome mail ?

I tried to put the doubts together in one message. As always a huge job.
Thank you very much.