Best way to install laravel application on host

im new to hestia panel
i have installed my laravel app
its showing main page ok
but when you going to routes like /login its show 404 error from hestia template
i searched but cant find any way to run it
please help me
i want to run 2 laravel apps on 2 domain so please give a way for both of them
like creating new template and set the domains to read it
im using php8.1 and this is my config from setting

Proxy Server: nginx
Web Server: apache2
Backend Server: php-fpm

also i have question : im runing nginx server or apache ???
thansk for helping me
hestia version is : 1.8.11

guys please help me to fix this problem
i need your help

Use .htaccess and it should work fine just google for it

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