Bind as an Authoritative-Only DNS Server on Ubuntu

Hello guys, is that somewhere setup tutorial for this for Ubuntu 20.04 or later? I want to setup my own ns servers

if my server (where is hestia installed) is so my clients must enter in their domain registrators and ONLY and not IP addresses


but if domain registrator doesnt have this function, what then?

Hello @osmaster

I don’t know whether I understood what you want but:

1.- If DNS for is managed by a third party (your registrar, cloudflare, another dns hosting, etc.) then there is no problem, you can configure A records in your DNS hosting pointing to the ips of your hestiacp servers which will manage the dns for your users so they only need to add ns records in their registrars pointing to and

2.- If you not only what to give DNS services to your users but be the own DNS server for your own domain, then your registrar should allow you to add glue records/child hosts for your domain but if your registrar doesn’t support it, then you should move to another registrar that support it.


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