Bind9 does not work on OpenVZ 7 VPS

I am using OpenVZ 7 VPS, I have several VPS obtained from several companies.

Bind9 does not work when Hestiacp is installed on those VPS. Press the start button next to the bind but it does not work

I encountered this error in Ubuntu 20.04 and Debain 11.
Debain 10 does not have this bug and works fine. This has been a problem for months

See screenshots


Give a solution to this

Thank you

OpenVZ is really old, I would suggest to something more modern like kvm.

Beside your issue, cropped error logs arent usefull. I would suggest to check /var/log/bind (or similar) for any reason, why bind doesnt start. Maybe there are also informations in /var/log/syslog.

OpenVZ is “only” 6 years old and openVZ 9 is currently in Experimental phase…

Check if something has changed

Reopend the issue on Github. It looks like some thing has changed regarding OpenVZ…