Blacklist / whitelist for exim

Where can I user edit email blacklist whitelist emails/domains?

Have you already found seen the following thread: Exim4 whitelist/blacklist

But there is no option in gui of hestia where user can edit whitelist or blacklist. Above link is for system admins?

Yes and that is what we aim for… We assume users have sys admin knowledge

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Ok but clients are asking how they can block some mails in control panel. Then I need them to send me addresses so I manually add them to above file. It would be nice if there is such option in panel at user level.

Black / white listing on user/domain level might be even difficult as you have to setup rules per domain / user…

What if user A blacklist an domain and user B need it white listed …

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I do not like mentioning about other panels but ispconfig has exact same feature. Server / Domain / User level black/white list. And they have priority. And of course, panel user is only one user and have to be aware of what he is adding to each list. Anywayi domain level list is also ok for many cases. But currently there is no option and some users are getting more spam mails than other…

There are currently no changes to be made in the near future… This is mainly due to lack of resources / man power…

Why not use the roundcube sieve filters?
This way each client can filter spam to the trash like you do in outlook

Just a thought

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Can it also be used for domain level blocking?

Looking at the /etc/dovecot/conf.d it looks like sieve isn’t installed as standard so you will have to install it yourself and get it running…

Round cube ships with it been an option, so its capable of using filters via sieve but it isn’t setup on the server side of things.

Maybe a feature request to ship as standard? and when choosing the other email client copy over a config file to disable the sieve for round cube… I haven’t played with the other mail client so don’t know if its filter capable, personally I use outlook and filter it all on the client side.

put a feature request in, link to the git hub page

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