Block SPAM in Exim


I added “spam-blocks.conf” domains to block spam from emails. It is not blocking. Need to do something else?



Try with blocklist_from in front of.
blocklist_from *@domain.tld

To block domains or email addresses that are sending SPAM, I have placed the following code in the config file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template at the end of the acl_check_rcpt: section, just above the accept directive

        deny senders    = /etc/exim4/CUSTOM-BLACKLIST
        message         = You have been blacklisted for sending SPAM.
        # CUSTOM ACL END

and of course I have placed all the blacklisted domains in that /etc/exim4/CUSTOM-BLACKLIST file, like this (actual snippet):
[email protected]

I use Ubuntu. I hope this helps you.


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