Broken attempt to support multi PHP

Hi All,

OS: Ubuntu 18.0.4 (x86_64)
Hestia: v1.3.2

So I had one site I needed to move to my Hestia box that needed php5.6 and my install only had php7.4. After a bit of searching in these forums I found a link to this page:, which although ‘Vesta’ seemed to promise adding support for php on a per-domain basis. So I followed the instructions and guess what, it broke PHP on my server, which I could only fix if in the website options in Hestia I change the backend php-fpm template to PHP-7.4.

A little further searching and I found which allowed me to successfully install PHP 5.6.

Now I could live with this (since it’s my stupid fault for following the first tutorial, and I can get sites working by manually selecting the right PHP template), but neither webmail or phpmyadmin work on any of the domains and I’m guessing that’s because they use the default php template.

I am loathed to reinstall and start again as I’ve already setup 21 sites on this particular box. So, question is, is there a way to undo or fix my stupidity?


I can understand the hassle to build everything from the beginning. But even if you somehow managed to fix this, you will never be sure what the consequences might be in the future.
What I mean is this: if you face another issue in the future, it might or might not be related to the above problem. In that sense, there are good chances that things will get very-very complicated down the road. For this, it is always a good idea to have a “clean” system.