Brotli debian 10 hestiacp

Hi, anyone installed this on debian 10 and hestia 1.1, found this guide, but not sure if upto date.


No, how ever you can just try out if you don’t want to mess up your live production setup. Try a local vm or use a cheap vps to test.

How ever it is only 1 year old and won’t surprise me that it works out of the box.

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Why not use Cloudflare with Brotli compression? (to test it)

Have no wish to incur additional monthly costs at the moment.

It is free I see…

But not everybody wants to depend on 3rd parties…

The Mystery Data guide will probably not work but it could do now if the brotli modules have been updated, I used it on vesta without any issue but the modules did not work when tried with hestia so used another guide to run Brotli with Hestia with auto updating so when Nginx updates it does not break. have brotli running on 3 hestia vps without any problem.


If you want to install Brotli that will update its modules when Nginx does use this guide, don’t forget to chmod +x the files you create or when there is an update Nginx will not work.

on this part I set the path directly into /etc/nginx/modules/


Guide link below to create the script, apt hook and worker

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