Bug Report 1.4.5

After updating to 1.4.5, my admin user seems to have lost admin privileges, or something to that effect. I cannot see any other users on the server and have no server level management links on the settings page.

Additionally, both the Add User and Packages links do nothing and lead right back to this identical page.

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lol I’ll see what I can do - I’m pretty locked out of my server at the moment… I’ll figure something out tho!

Probaly a kvm session is a good idea, shipped on the most vps provider.

Used a system recovery disc and was able to change the value. That fixed it!

Glad that you got it fixed!

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In regards to reporting this as a bug, I can confirm the same thing happened when upgrading my secondary server. I imagine this should probably be address in the upgrade/installation script.

It was done during the 1.3.4 update

I don’t know why this update is skipped.

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