Bug with first and last name

There is no first and last name, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Hestia v1.2.1.
I try to add it, but still no results, it displays just admin()

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 19.58.02

Known bug will be fixed next Monday with new release

Thanks :slight_smile:

To modify go to /usr/local/hestia/data/users/admin/user.conf

And make sure the first line is:

NAME=’’ or NAME=‘name’

If there is a space between you are not able to edit.

fname/lname can be removed

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Currently I’m facing the same problem using version 1.3.2.
I’ve already fixed Name by modifying file /usr/local/hestia/data/users/admin/user.conf
And also, another problem I’ve noticed on Ubuntu OS login screen, it’s not using NAME, but email displayed instead… Supposed to be name if I’m not mistaken…


HestiaCP 2021-01-28_18-31-08 HestiaCP 2021-01-28_18-30-47