Bundle plausible analytics?

How about bundling Plausible analytics script with/instead of awstats?

It works via javascript you can just add the required info your self. So there is no need to implement it.

Plausible? How do expect to assign it to domains w/o it being hosted?
AWstats? It’s horribly outdated.

Yes, https://github.com/plausible/analytics/blob/master/tracker/src/p.js

AWstats? It’s horribly outdated.

100% Agree. But this software can be installed on a domain and include the js code above to get it working. This is not a server side alternative for Awstats / Webanalizer…

Plausible is probably great but it’s not a ideal fit for Hestia, as it is more complex to setup and actually it is supposed to run as a docker container. Of course you could setup docker on the server yourself and use it that way, should work just fine.

No argument in favor of awstats, it was oudated and ugly 10 years ago and nothing changed since then.

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Well, you can also look at matomo or kibana/grafana

Actually i’m using Matomo for my servers :wink: since it was called piwik, and i’m happy with it

i have mixed feelings about it

I use the self hosted version installed on a hestia webdomain

Have you ever needed any of the paywalled features?

Nope, don’t think I have. Matomo might not be the best solution out there, but it worked great for me as a replacement for awstats

I’m also using Kibana for accessing logs aggregated in elasticsearch and grafana(+graphite+collectd+…) for performance metrics but none of them are running on Hestia servers but on independent servers collecting data from all managed vms.

did you you just say it will be integrated from v1.3 on? :joy:

(matomo I meant)

Unfortunately no, I don’t think adding these types of projects into Hestia (out of the box) is the right way to go. They can be easily installed by any user as a normal web app.

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in that case you must’ve already have your tutorials on integrating that w/ hestia on hand, right?