Can I change "Welcome to Hestia Control Panel" at login

My reasoning is simple. I maintain several awesome HestiaCP’s and would like a simple visual identification (apart from the url) to know which one I am using.

Again. Is there a way to change the string “Welcome to Hestia Control Panel” to add a Hostname at the end.
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Go to

Make sure to be on the lastest edition

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Sorry. When I access: https://myhostname:8083/edit/server/whitelabel/

I recieve:

Potential CSRF use detected

Please disable any plugins/add-ons inside your browser or contact your system administrator. If you are the system administrator you can run v-change-sys-config-value ‘POLICY_CSRF_STRICTNESS’ ‘0’ as root to disable this check.

If you followed a bookmark or an static link please navigate to root

And so I followed the instruction: v-change-sys-config-value ‘POLICY_CSRF_STRICTNESS’ ‘0’
and it works just fine.
Thank you!

There is no need to disable CSRF POLICY (it is a security policy and it is recommended to keep it active) just don’t use the static link https://myhostname:8083/edit/server/whitelabel/ to modify whitelabel options and go to the config section step by step:

Login to HestiaCP with your admin user → Server SettingsConfigureWhitelabel

And I would enable CSRF again.

v-change-sys-config-value POLICY_CSRF_STRICTNESS 1

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Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

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