Can I safely delete the DNS 'Master' zone?

Hi all,

I am pretty sure this should be safe, but don’t want to cause myself huge headaches if I’m wrong.

Scenario is:
1 Hestia server running Web/mail and DNS.
My ‘master’ dns domain has all records at my domain registrar, using their DNS server. Including records for NS1.ABC.COM and NS2.ABC.COM (both pointing to the hestia server IP. (I know but it’s just for experimenting!)).

I have multiple other domains all using the ABC.COM name servers.

ABC.COM is not using Hestia for it’s own email, but is running a website on the hestia server.

My question is, I have a full DNS zone on the hestia server for which does not sync with the domain registrar’s servers. This causes the expected headaches.

Can I delete the ABC.COM domain from hestia completely? I assume that hestia would then resolve it’s own queries correctly from the domain registrar instead of using it’s own invalid records.

This shouldn’t break any of the hosted domain DNS zones, nor the hosted website should it?

Any advice is appreciated.



If I understood your setup correctly, deleting dns zone ABC.COM on your Hestia server shouldn’t affect the other domains you are hosting on Hestia’s DNS server. Just in case, backup it.


I will go ahead and delete it (after a backup).

Appreciate you taking the time to respond.


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