Can not edit packages

I have installed vestaCP first where I was able to create packages for multiple account and edit their quota Filesystem space etc. But I had an issue with accessing file system so I have upgraded or installed HestiaCP over it and now I can not access those packages. As I have add 4GB for default account package, now any website I create it has a limit of 4GB and I can not edit it from Hestia neither I could adjust anything.

Please help me how to add edit previously created packages or disk quota or create new one?
Do I have to go back to VestaCP to have this features?

Please help

You cant just install hestia over vesta, hestia needs a clean/fresh system to work properly.

ok I did a fresh install … now how do we get to make disk quote for accounts? Creating hosting package with limiting disk space and how to break that off?

First of all you need to make sure that your VPS supports quota. I know that some OpenVZ VPSes do not support this, or you need to talk with your VPS provider to enable the support.

Then you need to make sure that you include the required option when you install Hestia. But you didn’t say what was your installation string. So unless you start detailing exactly what you have done up to now, I guess no-one could tell you exactly what you need to do :frowning:

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