Can Not Login Admin Access After Enable "Do not allow user to log in to Control Panel"

Hi Hestia community,

Can you please give me some solutions to handle my current issue.

I enable the option “Do not allow user to log in to Control Panel” by mistake then log out admin user.
3 hrs later, I can’t login my admin account. It always shows “Invalid admin or password” notices while I don’t change anything.

I tried some CLI to reset the admin password but it still doesn’t let me log in to my Hestia.

Thank you in advance & Have a nice day !

So it works as intended…

Login via CLI:

Go to:

Then edit user.conf

The username is to be vague as intended as we don’t want to give the user an idea the account exists or not.


Hi eris,
I have just successfully solved my problem by following your instruction :smiley:

Thank you so much & Have a nice working day !

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