Can send by not receive email

I have a Debian 10 VPS and set up a mail account for

[email protected]

For DNS, I have A records for both mail and webmail set to my VPS IP address. The MX record is set to

I have a Lets Encryp SSL for both and

In my admin Hestia account, the Mail server is exim4 and the spam filter is spamassassin. The webmail alias is webmail. Spam Assassin is banning a lot of IP addresses. But it is not banning my IP address.

I can send mail from [email protected] but not recieve mail.

I have read the Hestia documentation on emails. I went to

My IP is not being blacklisted. However, I think the DMARC record is optional and I do not think this should prevent emails from being recieved.

I read the Hestia forum posts on this. There are no special characters in my domain name. I am not using Cloudflare. As suggested, SSH to


This was the error:

2021-08-21 11:39:28 1mHVtv-00043t-Q6 == [email protected] R=userforward defer (-1): failed to stat /var/spool/news/. (No such file or directory)

2021-08-21 11:43:04 1mHVtv-00043t-Q6 == [email protected] routing defer (-51): retry time not reached

I then checked to see if the mail folder news had been created correctly. I went to

/home/username/mail/domainname/ (mail folder)

There is a folder called news.

So I am wondering why Exim thinks there is not a directory for this email address.

I read several Exim tutorials but could not find a solution to this problem. Any advice or wisdom about how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I assume a user exists on the server:


Did you make any changes to exim config?

Yes, The user exists on the server. I then added the domain and the email to the Hestia User.
I do not know what you mean by

I did not make any changes to the exim config file.

Thanks for your help. I have spent several hours on this problem with no luck so far.

Upon further research, I was able to create an email address for a nearly identical website which had a different Hestia User. This second email address was able to send and receive emails. I therefore have spent hours looking for differences. Both Hestia users have the same settings and both websites are almost the same. So now I am really at a loss as to what the problem might be. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Is the email also [email protected]?

No. It is [email protected]… How can that make a difference?

I will set up the email [email protected] to see if that works. I should have mentioned that the second domain name is dot org rather than dot com.

How can this be… the email sent to [email protected] did not go through. But the email sent to [email protected] went through. How can it be that info on all sites works but news on all sites does not work???

I think in Debian / Ubuntu news has a special meaning.

I am sure it has to do something with the config that news got treated different…

2021-08-22 07:51:09 1mHiG4-00053j-A9 == [email protected] R=userforward defer (-1): failed to stat /var/spool/news/. (No such file or directory)

I think there is an option wrong in the exim config:

Have created a bug report will need to test few things if everything keeps worksing as intended…


I want to thank the leaders of Hestia CP for filing a bug report and then fixing this problem. I know it is a minor issue but still very bothersome. I will test it once I get an updated version of Hestia.

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