Can we have a Roadmap?

I have been watching VestiaCP develop for some time, and recently tested it on a handful of sites with out any issues.
A roadmap would really help us know where the developers are planning to take this project, so we can get behind it. I am not talking about bug fixes and PRs.

Thank you.

We don’t have a “Road map” on paper any where but the planning for the next few releases major releases:


  • Debian 12 Support
  • TLS Improvements
  • Exim SRS Support
  • White label support

1.9.0 Probably:

  • Ipv 6 Support (Partially)
  • Improvement regarding security of the admin user
  • Incremental backups via Restic
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TLS and EXIM i get, but is Restic a priority?

In preparation for reseller accounts?

Reseller accounts is not planned yet…

no, not planed.

White label is something that would only appeal to resellers. White labeling is more than getting rid of Hestia’s cool looking logo so someone can look like they are the developers of this fine project. The whole idea of white label is to mask out Hestia’s involvement, masquerading IPs and CNAMEs, having multiple levels of accounts and privileges, multi-tiering accounts and permissions and a lot more.

There have been lame attempts at reseller account levels by other panels in the past and I agree Hestia should focus on single tier. I suspect this mod got it right 3 years ago. Unless someone with deep pockets dumps a pile of cash to make it happen, and I don’t think it will happen.

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Currently got it mostly working already it needs still some testing…

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A basic white labelling has been allready requested for over a few years:


But there are still a few more burning issues that need to be solved before I will start working on Reseller support including ipv6 support and many other features…

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I do not want any proprietary software, so the suggestion of falzo is not acceptable.
Why can’t we work together to finally make open-source better than all the shitty proprietary stuff? It is time to be bold and stop submitting to megacorps.

Anyways, my current preferred solution would be to implement proper docker and kubernetes support, which would enable easy creation of separate instances for resellers, keeping the complexity of Hestia itself down.

White labeling is more than getting rid of Hestia’s cool looking logo so someone can look like they are the developers of this fine project. The whole idea of white label is to mask out Hestia’s involvement, masquerading IPs and CNAMEs

We neither want to look like we are the devs, nor do we want to mask out anything - quite the opposite, we are proud to use and hopefully soon actively support this open-source project. Nonetheless our webhosting service is a brand, and users are confused when they see the config panel being branded differently.

"Resseller login adds an level of complexitiy to the security that is currently not present and implementing it will take a lot of time… Currently we still don’t have ipv6 support and some other core features that have more priority the reseller “support”

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And I just proposed a solution that would enable reselling without reseller accounts in Hestia itself. I don’t know why you are reposting your answer.

Though I concur that IPv6 support is to come first.

You could intergrate foss billing rather than a resellers option, personally i dont use hestia commercially but for the guys that do i think it would be a great addition.

Foss billing has an api and is developed with some of the devs in here, i think the time would be better spent on intergration with this than a resellers option it is already intergrated but offered officially by hestia would be awesome

Or both lol

Its just my opinion and i dont matter anyway.

As for funding, i donate a small amount to hestia (ÂŁ10) per month and wish i could afford to donate to foss billing but energy prices, etc in the UK are stupidly priced at rhe moment.

Personally i think if everyone that uses the panel should donate a min of ÂŁ1 then that would be a income source but people love free stuff and dont like paying the smallest amount.

Maybe make the white label option a paid mod?
Or allow it with a powerd with hestiacp in the footer… for a form of advertising to this great project.

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Fossbilling has allready support for Hestia


Just thought that and edited the post, hehehe.

To be officially shipped as an option with hestia would be great and raise awareness of foss billing, i stumbled upon it when i saw what other github repositories devs are envolved with.

It doesnt have to be developed with hestia devs just added as an install option with some level of documentation just to get users started.

I would also like to see proxy option in the gui so the admin or admin user can proxy a domain name to a service like gitlab, or other external service from hestia with ssl option for that domain.

I know you can can do it by editing files but to have this as a base option would be awesome.

Reseller login is some thing else the reselling…

For example a webdesign company is client of yours you can give them an account so they can create sub accounts …

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I didnt think of it like that good idea.

I was thinking about joe blogs (random person) wanting to resell hosting etc, there are alot of resellers programs out there and i mean alot of them, most hosting providers that also sell vps servers have a resellers and affiliate program.

Been able to offer domain names like in foss billing would be awesome for commercial users of hestia as part of the resellers module but then again its going to expand on the support you give drastically and take away from development time i guess.

Totally agree. If we are going to have a discussion about reseller accounts, then we should at least define what that means. I am not advocating for it, because as you have explained, it seems to mean different things to different folks.

Clearly it is an excellent project as single tier with quotas. I am happy with that.

I just want to know what the roadmap would Ĺ‚ook like if there was one so if and when we have the discussion and ipv6 is behind us, we are at least on the same page.

I will also be contributing to the project as I start to prosper from this brand new business that goes live on July 1… It’s only fair to the devs.

Ipv6 is a good step. Hing on a cell phone, I I will have more to say on this.

I remember a project named ZPanel that have the reseller option but with a lot of security holes and bugs on it.

I think that is dead

Yes and i think it’s been replaced by a project named “Sentora” that is also dead…