Can We remove exim and wants to use external SMTP Service for Sending emails and server alerts

Hi Team,
Can We remove Exim and still use an external SMTP Service for Sending emails and server alerts using that SMTP Service?

Please help and suggest!!

If you take a look under the hestiacp installation folder (hestiacp/install/upgrade/manual) you will find a folder for “manual upgrades”. This folder includes a few scripts that you can use. Here is also the github folder for reference hestiacp/install/upgrade/manual at main · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

The first script you would want to run is the that will disabled exim and remove any email related settings in the control panel. The second script you want to run is that is an interactive script that will ask all your SMTP related settings. However, the SMTP setup is ONLY for the server related emails such as logging, notification and warn emails etc. Each site you have hosted will need to be setup with SMTP individually.

I have currently done this in 2 of my servers. Since all of our sites are WordPress I simply installed it an SMTP plugin and setup individual credentials in my SMTP service for each site.

I could swear there was another script to setup ALL emails to use external SMTP but they must of have remove it or it is located somewhere else because I can’t find it.

In Server settings → Mail → Global SMTP but requires exim…

That is the only reason why I use exim…