Can you proxy to another IP that only supports https

Is there a way to setup a .stpl and .tpl file to reverse proxy to a different server IP that only supports https?

I have managed to get reverse proxy to work to http sites with a little bit of trial and error.

For those interested I found that the “Proxy Extensions” in the web gui “Edit Web Domain” needed items like “jpeg” removed otherwise those static items would not proxy from remote server.

Note - you can not delete all item in “Proxy Extensions” otherwise is self populates again on submission, in my case I left only “exe”. You can not use something like"none" either otherwise you get strange error in other parts of Hestia.

Thank you in advance…

Yes, you can create a custom template and adjust the proxy_pass:

For custom templates follow our docs:

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Maybe you misunderstand me.

I have already created these template files (which work fine with http proxy) but after they I submit the change to use the proxy template Hestia will not proxy to the https site.

If I do a restart of nginx it will not restart until I remove that template from use. It looks like there is an issue with https://[differnet IP the Heastia]:[different port] or it is not supported.

Any error message on restart? The proxy_pass value is correct and should work, doesnt matter which port or protocol.

Thank you for confirming it should be working and is supported.

I tracked down syntax error in my two different template files I was testing with the help of command nginx -t . The screenshot I attached for example was missing and end “}”

Thank you for this great project.

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