Cannot access my control panel today

Hi, today I cannot log into my control panel.
I checked with SSH, my sever is accessible.
Also, the port 8083 is enabled, of no problem.

Check that Hestia service is running:

systemctl status hestia

Check that it is listening on the right port:

lsof -Pn +c0 -i:8083 -sTCP:LISTEN

Also check that your client ip has not been banned to connect over port 8083:


Hi, I have inputted the three commands.
For the first command, it returned “Unit hestia.service could not be found.”

For the second command, it seems to be of no problem.
For the third command, it returned “command not found”.

Hestia package is not installed …

What shall I do?

ls /usr/local/hesita/

Thanks, it seems that someone else removed the panel.

Then there is no Hesita installed on that server …

I don’t think we can’t do a lot…