Cannot add hosting package filed "ns1, ns2" can not be empty

I installed HestiaCP in german and i have installed nginx with phpfpm without apache and without named because i use nameserver of my registrar. TLD DE need 2 namservers and for that i can not only have one inside of HestiaCP.

OK: The question is:
if i want to add a hosting package additionally to default then a popup occurs
Feld “NS1, NS2” darf nicht leer bleiben.

but i can duplicate “copy of default” and use it

is there any commandline which i can use to add new hosting package?
i havent found it in the documentation.

regards M.

Hi @itsolon

Please add at lest two default nameserver at the bottom of each hosting package, it doesnt matter what you place there.

I understand that, in other panels you can see ns1.domain.tld for example
but i do not have such two fields in webui! because i havent installed named

bash -n yes -w yes -t yes -c yes -x yes -z yes -b yes -i yes -m yes -l de \ -s myserver.domain.tld -e [email protected] -p somepassword -a no -k no -o yes -q yes

the server seems to work great but i do not have fields ns1 ns2 when i want to add package

Thanks for the clarification, I’ve fixed the validation issue on master branch:

If you would like to fix it without waiting for a new release, just adjust the index.php file as you can find it in the commit.

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many thanks that was the right hint for me! worked!