Cannot add lets encrypt ssl to panel web domain without proxy enabled in gui

current ubuntu 18.04 installs of hestiacp 1.0.6 will not allow you to uncheck the nginx proxy and still issue an ssl via lets encrypt for apache2 directly. it always errors out with lets encrypt error 400 until you enable the proxy checkbox and then enable ssl via lets encrypt checkboxes.

super minor issue just thought I’d let you know.

Basicly I can confirm this: Disabling nginx proxy would stop the ability to validate over let’s encrypt.

We discussed it already in dev chat, but haven’t decided yet. Is there any reason to disable nginx support?

Original thought turned out to not be a repeatable issue so Put simply, probably not.

Only thought was the redirect being proxy passed From nginx to apache2 makes for an Apache configuration change to not Double decode passed url characters for example slashes so that they don’t get double decoded by the time it hits php I found my way around that already a while ago by providing a custom configuration mod via the default templates include methods

For example in a given uri request:
(ignore that it’s actually a real 404 page)

Most browsers or your js call would encode the request uri

Then nginx decodes it first and passed the decoded version onto apache2
Which resulted in an invalid passed url and thus a 404 not found for the target site to be interpreted server side.

Nothing major again and I found my way around that use case and likely spoke too soon regarding disabling the proxy but wanting ssl it’s working with with the proxy in front now so the original issue I was having yesterday is not repeatable other than the limitation of the original choice of action not being possible at the time. I don’t see reason to justify addressing it though with this said but I don’t make that call anyhow.

Thanks for checking into it though. Maybe user feedback could be established as a refinement/ ui improvement if you don’t plan to support that configuration change.