Cannot connect through SSH or Filezilla after installing SSL Certificate

I’m getting “Server refused our key” message while trying to access SSH after installing the SSL certificate. Can’t access the server through Filezilla either. Please help.

Are you using the Cloudflare proxy in front of your Hestia server?

Sorry, I’m a newby. I don’t think I’m using Cloudflare. I installed Hestia CP through SSH, …… After I activated the SSL Certificate, the private key stopped working. Both for Putty SSH & Filezilla. Thanks.

Are you willing to share the DNS name of your Hestia server so that we might be able to offer better answers?

Is the DNS the domain name?

In part. I presume you have one or more hostnames involved as well.

e.g. is the domain included in the original install through ssh. Then, I added through Hestia CP. And eventually,

Are you able to log in using the Hestia web interface?

What user are you attempting to use with SSH and SFTP?

Yes, I can upload files to the server using Hestia interface. I just find Filezilla more convenient in transferring files. With SSH, I can run a lot of commands. Not sure though if the Hestia interface can do the same, I’ve been using it for only 1 week. But loving it so far.

I wasn’t concerned with whether you could upload files using the Hestia web interface. I want to know if you can log in as admin using the web so that you can check to see if your SSH user has the correct settings.

Yes, I can login as admin in Hestia.

Can you

what specific file or button do I need to look for?
In the .ssh folder, there are 2 files; the “authorized_keys” and the “hst_filemanager_key” files.
Under the “Packages” tab in Hestia interface, the default (package name) SSH Access is set to bash.

should contain all the public keys

I can only see one line of texts in the authorized_keys file, see below:

from=“”,command=“internal-sftp”,restrict ssh-rsa AAA…== [email protected] TS:1672705322 filemanager.ssh.key

I removed the middle portion to make the text shorter.
How do I add the public keys? Is there a sample format that I can follow?

Leave it there this is only for the file manager

Via the pannel you can go to Edit user → SSH keys and Add SSH key and click save