Cannot create DKIM for panel's domain

Hi there,

when hestia was set up, I configured it to use host⸳example⸳org as the domain where the panel could be reached⸳
Later, I created example⸳org in another user by importing a backup from another hestia server⸳ I made example⸳org a mail domain⸳ Worked fine⸳ I set up my external DNS server for SPF, DKIM, DMARC for example⸳org, worked fine, all checks pass⸳
Now, I spotted that the hestia panel itself sends emails as [email protected]⸳example⸳org, SPF passes, DMARC fails⸳ So I noticed, that DKIM doesn’t propagate and I need a separate DKIM for host⸳example⸳org⸳
However, the panel doesn’t let me create one⸳

[email protected]:~# sudo v-add-mail-domain admin host⸳example⸳org
Error: Web domain host⸳example⸳org exists

But v-list-mail-domains only outputs example⸳org, not host⸳example⸳org⸳

I also tried just creating the DKIM:

[email protected]:~# sudo v-add-mail-domain-dkim admin host⸳example⸳org
Error: mail domain host⸳example⸳org doesn't exist

How difficult would it be to persuade the panel to create a mail domain with DKIM for the panel domain for me? I think the culprit is, that the panel domain is owned by “admin”, and the main domain by a different user, am I right?

Thank you⸳

PS: The forum didn’t let me create this post with normal dots, as it saw too many links for a new user. That’s quite a problem when posting about a domain-related problem :). Sorry for undermining the measures.

Create the mail domain Under the same user as the web domain.

This is to prevent duplicated domains under different users

Trying to create under the same user as the web domain, yields Error: Web domain exists
Deleting the mail domain first, then trying to create the host subdomain as mail domain under the user, yields the same error.
Creating the web domain as mail domain again worked, however.