Cannot Install on New Server wget script problem

Today i try to install HestiaCP on new vps server with OS Debian 12 64bit and encountere this error when try to download installation script:

--2024-06-21 05:17:45--
Resolving ( 2606:50c0:8000::154, 2606:50c0:8001::154, 2606:50c0:8002::154, ...
Connecting to (|2606:50c0:8000::154|:443... failed: Connection timed out.
Connecting to (|2606:50c0:8001::154|:443...

Whats wrong with it?

Hi @pakdhetimin,

Well, seems your system can’t connect to github using ipv6, I don’t know whether Github is the problem or it is your system but you can force wget to use ipv4.

wget -4

yes, its worked and script downloaded.

but, another problem, when i try to run the script (bash nothing happen…stuck no respon

Are you sure it downloaded the right file?


If you see this output:


# ======================================================== #
# Hestia Control Panel Installation Routine
# Automatic OS detection wrapper
# Currently Supported Operating Systems:

Try to execute bash in debug mode to view when the script gets stuck:

bash -x [here the options you are using]

here is the output, stuck in this state

That is because the ipv6 issue.

Try to tell your system to use ipv4 to resolve dns by default so edit file /etc/gai.conf and uncomment this line:

#precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

So it will look like this:

precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

Save the file and try to wget again the hst file and see if it uses by default ipv4:


If it downloads the install script,then you can use bash (without -x option)

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thanks, its worked and now its installing. i see the problem about ipv6 support

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no Github doesnt support Ipv6 globally

As it was an issue with connecting to


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