Cannot install WordPress: file not found

In the user, I deleted the domain, because I forgot to install WordPress for the alias(www. version).
After deleting it, I added the domain, and use Quick Install to install WordPress again.
This time it returned the following error: file not found …/public_html/wp-config-sample.php

How can I solve this?

Remove all files and dirs inside public_html dir and check there is enough space in /tmp dir

df -h /tmp

What do you mean by dir? I didn’t find anything in the name of dir.

Also, the public_html folder is empty.

dir=directory, I was talking about the public_html directory.

As you said, it is empty so check the /tmp directory

TMP is also empty.
How can I solve this?

Your screenshot shows /home/USER/tmp, not /tmp.
You should login via ssh and do df -h /tmp

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Apart from " df -h /tmp", is there any other command I need to input?

hi, this is home/tmp.
I will also use SSH to do df -h /tmp

“Home” on file manager is /home/USER on filesystem so “Home / tmp” is /home/USER/tmp.

I’m somewhat confused, I will log into SSH and input that command first.

I have already inputted the command via ssh. What shall I do next?

I have inputted that command, what shall I do next?

I have the same problem :pensive:
It’s not an issue of space in the /tmp directory, nor in /home/myuser/tmp.
I’ve studied the PHP installation files quite “deeply”:


but I couldn’t find the reason for the problem. I even tried changing the permissions (to 777) of the /tmp/hestia-webapp/ directory, but I can never get the file downloaded:

It’s likely that the installer removes the downloaded file if the installation process must be interrupted, who knows…

I will now install WordPress manually, but I wanted to help solve this uncomfortable situation for others in the future. I suspect that the cause must be a really silly detail.

For those of you who have more experience than me, I must add that the “only” unusual thing in my installation is that the domain is actually a subdomain. Indeed, more info: the interruption of the install happens quite quickly… 5 seconds? So, I suppose that the problem is at the beginning… maybe a user/permissions issue.

Please, give me ideas :grin: i can attempt installing WP again in a new subdomain if you consider that it can be useful for HestiaCP installer improvement and you help me to do it. Indeed, i’m on UTC-7.