Cant access my panel or even connect through SSH on terminal

Have been facing problems with accessing my panels… all my websites are down and I cant connect with my ternianal to run any commands through ssh.

its not a new install my ports 8083 and 22 are enable. please if someone can help will really appriciate

If you can’t access to your server neither via web ui nor ssh, I don’t know how we can help here. Your hosting provider doesn’t offer a console to access the server from their control panel?

Maybe fail2ban has banned your ip, do you have the choice to use any other connection to test it? If you say what is your domain I can try to connect to see whether I can connect.

currently, this is what I have noticed… the panel comes online for a few hours and goes again offline. when its online I can access everything.

what do I need to provide so u can see what the problem.

That is a bit strange, but if fail2ban is banning your ip, it could be the reason you can’t access for x time.

Check if your cllient ip has been banned by fail2ban:

grep -ri 'notice.*ban\s' /var/log/fail2ban.log*

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