Cant create zip file from filemanager

Hello, I’m trying to zip my wordpress site (about 200MB) from filemanager but after 5min the process stops with a message “unknown error”. If i zip smaller folders/files which require less than 5min to create the zip file, everything works fine. I set the max_execution_time to 1200 for php but nothing changed. So how can i deal with this issue?

“We” use hestia-php for zip operations and it un affected by the general php.ini config.

Known issue it is so slow.

ok, it is slow but is it possible to increase the execution_time to about 10 or 15mins so as to give the necessary time to hestia-php to create the zip file?

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You can modify /usr/local/hestia/php/etc/php-fpm/php-fpm.conf how ever it will get overwritten during each update of hestia-php

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A better way would be improving zip function like we did with uncompress

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That makes a lot of sense.

Check this filegator post. i think its relevant

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Issues with any filemanger:

  1. We connect it over ssh to prevent any issues with permissions how ever this makes it slower
  2. Webpanel runs currently under the admin user. So any files uploaded to /home/user/ will get admin permissions if we use local
  3. Hestia-php runs with less memory / processes and php is not the most optimal unzip / zip system

Option would be something link v-compress-file/folder with bash and make a implementation based of this.



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