Cant enter to the PANEL with the domain or the public IP in a new install with 2 ETH

Hi everybody,

I have problems entering the panel or services using the public IP

Install HestiaCP on a server with 2 network interfaces, ens1 with an intranet IP and ens2 with internet access. when trying to enter the panel with port 8083 and the public ip does not let me (the same happens with the domain) and the logs were empty.

but if i connect with the internal IP or by SSH it works fine. As I assumed it was because of the firewall, I completely uninstalled UFW and disabled iptables but it still doesn’t work with the public IP

I also have problems that do not let me connect to FTL or receive email so I think it is for the same reason.

the server is connected to a DMZ, so it does not have any port blocking and iptables is disabled, also check that the IP was not in the fail2ban list

what could be causing this problem?

Any error during the installation?

It didn’t show any errors in the console while i install it, can I see it somewhere else?

Can you still access the panel with: public_ip:8083

Via the setting you are able to change the of the domain and it should work fine.

What provider are you currently using?

no, when i try to open with public_ip:8083 dont work
i only can enter the panel when i use localhost:8083 on the server

the domain seen to work but the service dont respond, the same happend with the port 21 of the ftp. i test it using telnet and ping and only the ping work

You are on the same network as with the server?

It that case it might be caused by the router setup.

i have two networks,
the ens3 is the local network where the panel work but dont have internet access directly
the ens4 is the DMZ, in this interface the panel dont work and this interface has the internet access

i check in the panel if is using the public ip and this is ok

also i check iptables and all rules says everywhere, also the port 80 of ngix is working fine. i just see it today

Hestia is not designed to listen on 2 different ips at the same time.

And sadly I can’t help you with the correct configuration for it…

can i configure to listen on the ens4 only, i dont need to listen on the intranet interface?

i try enter to the network in the panel and remove the intranet ip but dont fix it, i need to change the config file manually?

i manage to fix it, where i set down the first ETH and then disable IPv6 (not before)

i do those steps:
1- disable interface on linux: command line - Enabling and disabling network card through commandline - Ask Ubuntu
2- disable ipv6: How to Disable IPv6 on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux – The Geek Diary