Can't get php-fpm templates to work

For years I have had a modified template in the /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/php-fpm directory. I have always done it as recommended in the past:
1- copy PHP-8_0.tpl to myname-PHP-8_0.tpl
2- make the changes to the open base line
3 save and rebuild the user.

It’s not working . Even though I’ve added a directory into the oppenbase line, the log show that the directory that i’ve added is not in the line. But it is.
I’ve tried restarting php and apache and nginx after the rebuild. It’s not working.
What has changed that the old way of doing this no longer works. The documentation shows that I’m doing it correctly.

I seemed to have solved it. I needed to run v-rebuild-web-domain [user] [domain]
Unless I read it wrong, the documentation says to rebuild-user [user] and that does nothing (at least nothing that I could see relate to templates.