Can't load CSS files

Hello, I installed hestia properly. I created my website on localhost and it looks great but when I uploaded the files into the public_html folder of the domain, the css nor the js files load. Am I doing something wrong? Obviously the one click installs work. I am able to install laravel and wordpress with no issues but when I upload core html css and js files, only the html shows. Do I have to allow permissions somewhere? something like chown -R root:www-data?

Hi @aliabednar what is the folder structure at the moment? Normaly je put the javascript en CSS files in the public folder of Laravel.

Please don’t confuse the public_html folder with the public folder.

I just removed the skeleton structure (the page that says “we are working on it This site is currently under construction.” then I add my index.html file and then my assets folder which has a css folder and a js folder where my files are. After adding these, the css doesn’t load. I am just using core code no laravel.

I think this is because of you are using the quick install app which also set the nginx config to work with Laravel.

im not using the quick install app. Once I add a website then i go to ftp and enter the public_html folder and I delete the files and upload my own and the css won’t work on it.

You should check the logs:


You can also use developer tools in Firefox or Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + I).

here is the website:

For me is loading css:

Clean your browser history.

When I open it on my phone or on private mode it doesn’t work. Here is how it looks

Sorry, but it loads pretty fine from my desktop and my mobile.

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same here.

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I checked with a different browser and its still broken. It’s broken on my mobile as well. There is an issue somewhere. Can’t seem to figure it out.

not really anything we can help out from here.