Can't login with root after uograde to 1.3.1

a mi me pasa lo mismo no puedo acceder por medio del usuario root desde que se actualizo mi versión de hestiacp

Please provide us with the details

As @eris already wrote: We need way more informations than “can’t login”. Also please do not revive two month old threads, it’s better to create a new one. Support language is english, please use it aswell :slight_smile:.

To your issue: Current version is 1.3.2, not 1.3.1. Also a system upgrade doesnt change anything on the root user itself. As soon as we got more informations from you, we maybe will be able to help.

@eris @ScIT he probably means the old possibility to log in to the control panel via root credentials instead of admin…

@droidmax this intentionally got removed. instead you now can create an additional user and set its Role to ‘Administrator’ to allow this to be used as alternative to the admin account itself.

  • Removed the ability to log in as “root” (which logged to the admin account, deemed no longer necessary)

Has been removed in 1.3.0

It is exactly the problem that I have now, the million dollar question is how I do so that the secondary user that I have remains as administrator because with it I can access but cannot make changes as root I cannot make advanced changes in cpanel I thank you if you help me this It is translated because my language is Spanish

@droidmax ideally log in with the original admin account and create another user that you set to role ‘Administrator’

-> if you forgot the admins account password you can reset it via shell/cli command /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-password admin

-> if you cannot or do not want to change it, you can create another user via shell/cli command /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-user <USER> <PASSWORD> <EMAIL> and afterwards promote him to admin role via /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-role


Thank you very much there will be a more graphic way where I can see the procedure is that the truth is that I am not very good at these things

if you need a graphic user interface -> log in to control panel with original admin account.

only other way is to use cli/shell. if you cannot do that I am afraid Hestia in general is more likely not the right tool for you :wink:
there might always come up things that require you to handle them via shell… it’s intentional.


To add to the command @falzo posted:

/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-role <USER> admin

See How to disable "root" web login? for the reason behind it

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Lo que falzo quiere decir es que debes crear una cuenta con el rol “Administrator”.

Si olvidaste la contraseña de un usuario, puedes cambiarla con este comando:
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-password admin
(este es un ejemplo para el usuario admin, que es el administrador de Hestia)

Si por alguna razón no puedes cambiar la contraseña, también puedes crear otro usuario nuevo con el rol administrador.
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-user USUARIO CONTRASEÑA EMAIL
Luego lo conviertes en administrador con este otro comando:
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-role USUARIO admin
(ponemos “admin” porque es el rol de administrador y es lo que quieres)

¿Quieres decir que no tienes acceso SSH como root o no puedes convertirte en root con el comando sudo? En ese caso creo que no te podemos ayudar. La herramienta asume que de vez en cuando vas a tener que acceder por SSH.

falzo feat jlguerrero hermano te agradezco por traducirme la solución por fin pude recuperar el control total de mi cpanel muchas gracias de verdad saludos desde Colombia

Lo permiten las reglas del foro escribir en Español? hahaha que bueno saber que hay comunidad hispana por aqui por el foro!

The forum language is english, we would appreciate if you would use it :slight_smile:.

@ScIT Don’t worry, I was joking with them. It is to be admired the work and the value that is brought to the project.

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