Cant make hestia to work on Linode/ Digital Ocean Droplet

Hello. I want to install Hestia on a VPS. As i couldnt find any suggestions, i went for the most popular ones.

First choice was digitalocean. I installed hestia and i was able to login with the IP, but any other domain wouldn’t reach.

I didn’t bother too much and I took a 2GB linode server with ubuntu 20.04, installed everything, to the point where i can log in hestia cp with ip, but not with the FQDN of the server. Again, i get

" This site can’t be reached took too long to respond."

I have my custom nameservers on rotld that points to the public ip of linode server.
On DNS lookup the correct ip shows up, but every domain i add, i get the “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” error followed by the " This site can’t be reached" message.

I have my own server with my own hardware that is my main server, and it works great doing the exact same steps. I dont understand what it’s wrong.

Issue has been solved via Discord the issue was that the DNS records where not created in a good way…

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