Can't reach hcp after switching to static ip

I installed the most recent version of hcp using google cloud platform compute engine. In order to avoid trouble from future restarts of the vm, I decided to change to a static ip address. After that, I had to change my dns settings. Although the Wordpress site appears, the hcp can’t be accessed as the subdomain

Do I have to ssh in and change some config settings on hcp now?


You must login via ssh and as root execute command v-update-sys-ip

Server configuration | Hestia Control Panel

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Sorry, still didn’t work. I also restarted ngnix and apache2, restarted the vm, too.

Note: I will use as your domain.

So, you are trying to access Hestia using and you get an error, which one? Are you using the right port to access Hestia? and are pointing to the same ip?

dig +nodnssec +short

Show the ouput of these commands:

for i in /usr/local/hestia/data/ips/*; do echo "Checking $i:"; cat "$i"; done

I wasn’t adding the " :8083". Now the authentication screen comes up, but my login info doesn’t work.

You should check the logs to know what is going on.


Also check that your disk has free space:

df -h

To change the user password:

v-change-user-password HereYourUser 'HereYourNewPassword'

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