Can't unpack Pam container

Good day everyone,

I am trying to restore my backup over ftp with local backups turned off.
When restoring, I am getting can’t unpack PAM container. Manually everything works, as well as tar -R --ignore-failed-read --ignore-command-error --ignore-zeros -xvf

But isn’t it supposed to be working over ftp as well?

BTW, there is enough storage

Can you please share the exact steps and commands you’re using to restore the backup?

Certainly, so I have only FTP backups set up, without local ones.
What I have done exactly is opened the backup window, chose the last backup and clicked on restore all (separately it doesn’t work as well). So after a short while, I am getting the mentioned error. For some reason Hestia can’t extract the files by itself. I thought there might be an issue with the archive, but manually I am able to restore it. Not sure what might be the problem

I would suggest to manualy download the backup to /backup, then restore it from there using the v-restore-user command - it will give you much more output and details.

It might be a permission issue. Will try to run some tests…

On my test server I had no issues but I have added a check that checks if the file exists on the local drive after it has been downloaded.

Thank you for checking. I can clearly see that the backup file is downloaded, just not to the correct user. It downloads to the admin account instead of the user one

Thank you for the suggestion, this way everything works fine