Can't unpack data tarball

After updating to version v1.8.4, when restoring a backup, I get: Can’t unpack data tarball

As far as I understand, the backup is still being restored. The data changes most likely correctly. But such an error message occurs. I tried both types of compression, but the result is the same.

If the data changes, then the archive is still being unpacked. Completely or not, it is not clear.

I don’t know if this is just my problem or if it’s global.

We run the restore test on a daily basis and we don’t see any issues with it …

Thanks for the answer. Maybe my update went wrong. But I have 1 more server, I will test it on it.

Check the permissions of the backup folder is should root:root with 755 permissions

Folder permissions are correct. I haven’t touched them since the server was installed. Backups are formed in the folder correctly and there are no problems with their creation. There is a problem only with restoration through a backup.

You should try to unpack it manually to see what the actual error is:

mkdir /tmp/testunpack
tar xf /backup/HERETHENAMEOFTHEBACKUP -C "/tmp/testunpack" --no-wildcards "./hestia"

Understood, thanks, I will try and write.

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