Cgi files not executing

I have some CGI files written in Perl (extension .cgi) in the cgi-bin directory, but instead of executing, it shows the file content.
If anyone knows how to solve this, please help.

if I am not mistaken, there is no native support for cgi/perl anymore for quite some time. the cgi-bin folder is more or less a leftover from the days of vesta where the php cgi wrapper had it’s home, if you used that instead of prefork/modphp…

if you want to run cgi/perl you most likely need to enable additional stuff within apache like adding additional handlers for the file types and setting an alias for that folder/path.

maybe someone from the community can help with that, I haven’t used it in ages… sorry.

Thank you. I thought that if it’s there, it should work and I’m forgetting something. It’s no problem at all, I’ll just rewrite that file in php;)
Thank you again for clearing this up for me.

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