Change default PHPMyAdmin URL


We noticed there’s a field called “phpMyAdmin URL” in “configure server” page, under section “Databases”. Is this a field to change URL to access PHPMyAdmin?

We tried to put inside some values: /directory, full url, etc… but nothing worked.

Is that possible here?


You just need to enter a alias, like pma or phpmyadmin.

I tried pma in mine, but it just broke this button:

removing it made the button work again

But the pma is accessible over /pma, right?

The backend issue with wrong link is a known issue (because it’s the same as for webmail):


I have just set ‘pma’ and ‘/pma’ (without quotes) and it’s not working.
It’s an Ubuntu 18.04 whit a new fresh installed HestiaCP.
Even restarted Apache and Nginx, but it does not work.

Should it replace /phpmyadmin acces or just create an alias?


It triggers the script v-change-sys-pma with the alias as argument, it replaces the alias name in nginx/apache2 configuration.

I checked the Hestia log and it’s noticed:

2020-01-31 12:01:18 v-change-sys-config-value ‘DB_PMA_URL’ ‘pma’

But this script only changes $HESTIA/conf/hestia.conf var.

I think it does not go any further. Am I wrong?


Hi @ScIT

I just ran the script you say in terminal.
URL is replaced ok.
I think there’s a problem in the GUI as it does not call this script and so URL is not changed.
Could you check please?

Hi @ScIT and @mredig

And there’s also the bug @mredig says. In fact, URL on this button keeps the port 8083 and this should be port 80.
The URL is
and should be


We’ll check that of course.

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I also have seen that mail with credentials, after creating a database, has a wrnog URL after modifying it.