Change dns server name

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to change the dns name.
My tld changed so i want to change the dns aswell.
So instead of it need to be
Everything has been changed allready to the new tld, only bind issnt playing nice and i dont have any clue how to change this.

Hope i make any sense.

Greetings Ben

Click on the dns you wanna play with and add new one instead of old one!

This is tricky on hestiacp and all you need is click on + sign to add new records but you don’t. Then click back to have all dns records displayed. Finally, click on the pencil sign on the dns you wanted to modify and and add new one then save :slight_smile:

I figured that one out allready. But when i add a domain in hestia it still points to the old dns adress. It seems that the adress is somewhere in a config file, and i cant figure out where.

Just clear cache m8

F5 or ctrl+shift+F5 or ctrl+R or ctrl+F5 depending on your browser!