Change Email Address Alias?

Is there any way to change an existing primary email address for a mailbox without having to delete the entire mailbox and start again?
I am aware that you can simply add an alias, but I want to now change the primary alias or at least set the default “Send From” email for the account.

original primary: [email protected]
aliases: alias1, alias2, alias3

change to:
new primary [email protected]
aliases: mail1, alias1, alias3

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I don’t think it is currently a feature in Hestia to move it…

Delete from [email protected] all the mail alias
Create the new user with [email protected]
Login with ssh as root
cd /home/user/mail/
And mv maill1 to alias2

And it should work

Create backup first

Other method but slower is to use imapsync

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Being able to move the mailbox is exactly what I needed after re-creating the alias!
I know it’s a rough workaround but you have saved me a lot of work!
Thank you and I hope there will be an integrated solution in future from the cp.


I would love to see imapsync integrated.

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