Change filegator language in HestiaCP

Is there any way to change the file store language in HestiaCP

[Feature] Filegator follows the same language as HestiaCP · Issue #4275 · hestiacp/hestiacp (

If they would the use the same language codes as us it would be easy …

What file can I change in Hestia to change the filegator language?


Edit file /usr/local/hestia/web/fm/configuration_sample.php and replace this:

'language' => 'english',

to this (or the language you want, here the list of supported languages by fm):

'language' => 'portuguese_br',
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Thank you, this helped me, now where is the languages folder? The translation of filegator into Brazilian Portuguese had text in Portuguese from Portugal. I corrected this in the filegator repository and I want to correct it manually until the new version arrives!

Then you need to download it manually

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The portuguese_br.js file is not located anywhere, or is it inside a compressed file?

Update portuguese_br.js (#442) · filegator/filegator@8e55bcd (

The file must be build, anyway, the translations are included in these files:

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@eris If no new version of filegator comes out, and hestia releases an update first, can you update this language pack or tell me I what file update and for me send a pull?

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