Change folder permissions (to public); error 403

Hi There,

there is a script I need to install, and therefore navigate to the page.

However, I see:

I need to disable this for a moment.

Is there a possibility to make this in the hestiaCP?

Or do I have to ssh into linux, to do it?

[I suppose chmod 777 is what I need to change it to, right?]


Changed to 777, but had no luck.

The warning does not appear anymore, but just a blank site.

Which template have you selected?

And did you upload the project in the public folder?

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Permissions should be 755 and the public_html should have owner as:


Yep, its in the public folder.

I was able to sort out the problem, the wordpress script I tried to install was old.

It had nothing to do with the server setup.


Was able to resolve the issue.

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