Change Hestia Nginx web port

Where can I change Hestia nginx web port from default 80 and 443 to something else?

I tried to change in nano /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf, but it doesn’t work.

I have also updated the firewalls rule in Hestia.

change here : /etc/nginx/sites-available/default
then systemctl restart nginx.service
then test result : netstat -tlpn| grep nginx

Please read more about how nginx work before change also backup etc.

I wish someone expert too confirm this solution , if it’s test environment then please let me know the result

Changing nginx ports isnt supported. A lot of functions, for example lets encrytp, will stop working. Why do you want to change them anyway?

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I want to change port to something else as I want to use port 80 for another nginx proxy manager to use it

Hestia will work fine for a proxy manager as long you create a few custom templates…