Change hostname under "Common Account Settings" in mail

I use Vestacp and the hostname remains the same for all users.

In Hestiacp the hostname is different depending on the domain of the user.

Where can I update the default template to show the hostname I define?

The same hostname should show up when we add a new email account and under " Common Account Settings"

Hestia uses mail.domain for the hostname when adding mail domains, there is no way to change it… well, of course there is, but you will have to modify php templates used by Hestia and those changes will be overriden on every update.

These are the templates:


I suppose you also would like to change the mail template with the text used to inform users about their mail credentials. If that is the case, take a look to this post:

But again, keep in mind that if you modify it, you are not using Hestia the way it is designed to be used and bad things could happen. Also, be sure to configure Exim and Dovecot to work with that shared hostname.