Change mail server name

I need to change the mail server address from “” to “” or “” how to do it?

mail.domain.tld us currently hardcoded and not changeable.

Explain your problem a bit more…

What do you want it for?

If you want your clients to connect to

It is possible

If you want to call your outbound server it is also possible.

If you want exim to send messages as a different hostname then you have to work the templates…

I have a separate mail server with the address and there is no way to change it
hestacp is used as a mailer from which service mailings are sent, but the system that sends these mailings cannot work with the main server, and hestacp does not allow me to substitute another certificate in the mail, and my service cannot send mail because the certificate is not valid

Can you please explain that further

there is a main exchange server, it is available only on the local network, access from the outside is prohibited, the site that makes the mailing list is on the global network, and hestacp is used as a mailer for the site

You should also be able to use as hostname after you ran v-add-letsencrypt-host

does not connect

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