Добавить, изменить пакеты системы после утановки / change packages after install

Добрый день!
Вопрос такой - я установил панель на связке nginx + php-fpm. Если мне в дальнейшем понадобится apache, как мне его установить корректно так, чтобы информация в панели так же обновилась?

Good afternoon!
The question is this - I installed the panel on a bundle of nginx + php-fpm. If I need apache in the future, how do I install it correctly so that the information in the panel is also updated?

Hestia not support add packages after install?

No currently Hestia doesn’t support to add Apache2 / Bind / Any main package after install…

is such an opportunity planned in the future?

It is planned but no set release date / time yet

okay, thanks for your work! Hestia - is great! 3 days and i make special decision for most popular commerce CMS in Russia =)
if u need help with hosting (vps/dedicated, etc.) - send me mail =)
Good luck for you and your team!