Change release branch

Hello community and happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend!

As far as I know, there are two ways to change the release branch:

  1. Via CLI using the command v-change-sys-release
  2. Vie Web UI at Server > Configure > Version & Release

I would like to ask if we need to do something else to complete the process. Like for example an update of some sort.

Also, how exactly does this work? Unfortunately the v-change-sys-release command is not included in the documentation. What exactly happens when we change the release or even at a later date (maybe during the next update)?

Would the change of the branch pose any (immediate or future) risk on the system?

Switching the release branch is for testing only, we do not recomment to use it on any kind of productive systems.

Basicly, v-change-sys-branch does all you need and update your system to master branch.

Currently, this functionality is only for development and testing purposes as @ScIT mentioned. At some point in the future we may expand on this so that a beta or release candidate branch is available through our apt repositories and switching the variable here would allow apt to pull down a build from a different branch, but right now it’s limited to pulling down the latest code from a branch on GitHub.

To clarify on the technical functionality:

v-change-sys-release verifies the existence of the upstream branch from our GitHub repository, and if it exists then sets the value for the RELEASE_BRANCH variable in $HESTIA/conf/hestia.conf.

After the release branch has been changed, running the CLI script v-update-sys-hestia-git without specifying the branch name to pull from will use the configured branch by default.