Change user theme skin

I checked the relevant documents, and only modifying the css file can not meet some of my settings. So, I try to change its own web template,/usr/local/asia/web/templates

At the beginning, I directly modified the default template because I wanted to distinguish user access from administrator access. To this end, I determined whether the current user was an ordinary user or an administrator in each file, and I did a lot of work for this… It is not so easy to modify after posting.

To this end, I want to ask how I should design a user’s UI. After logging in, I can judge the user’s permissions and adjust them to their web pages. In this way, I only need to design an interface for ordinary users. How can I make changes.

Currently rewriting / editing html theme files are not supported… As it will break it in the future after updates.

Also we are currently rewriting all the CSS.

You can make a system based on the api that does it:

For example

I have checked this project before, but it seems to have been abandoned. I am not sure whether its api can still work normally. If it works normally, I can try to modify it

The API it self is maintained by use and still works.

See: GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp-api-examples: Examples for Hestia API

Changes in the API are less likely to happen and changes to the web interface happen a lot and with 1.7 and other updates.

But you should be able to create a minimal panel with some basic features…