Change Username

I want to change a username of an account (not admin), is there any way to do it?
Please help me.

We don’t support renaming a user name

Create a new user

And v-change-domain-owner / v-change-database-owner


Eh… Wh… wha… wha… Whyiaaa… Noooo…

Sorry to get emotional.

Thanks for this advice @eris
but I have lots of domains, dns, mail server also few databases,
Which all interlinked with each other in some ways…
So just change domain and database owner is enough sir?, just change owner of domain database is ok na? Or I need to do something more for mail and dns too?..

Other option is to create backup and delete the current user

v-restore-user newsier backup-of-old-user

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Ok so if I have a user named “Olduser”.
I created backup of Olduser named “Olduser.2024-05-26_05-10-18.tar”
Now I delete the old user and run this command:

v-restore-user Newuser Olduser.2024-05-26_05-10-18.tar

So now a new user named “Newuser” created but the data in it was the old user data right @eris sir.
Or I need to something more?

It’s works sir @eris I take backup then restore it to new user, and it all working fine.
Thanks sir for this easy and quick solution.

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